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SeAH Steel Corporation

SeAH Steel has left a significant legacy in the steel industry by taking root of steel pipe manufacture industry in 1960, which was the period of industrial wasteland. In 1967, we initiated the exportation of steel pipes for the first time to the United States which is the global leading market. Business opening was executed in 1969. We have led the development of Korea’s steel pipe industry with challenging spirit that always goes a step ahead the change of time and frontier spirit that shines during crisis.

SeAH Steel is growing into a company in both domestic and global level based on its technological skills, which developed the nation’s first API steel pipe that is a byword of welding steel pipe. Through factories in Pohang, Suncheon, Changwon, and Gunsan, we build the biggest production system for carbon steel pipe and special pipe (STS, Ti). We also offer diverse products to customers ranging from steel pipe to steel sheet by producing GI, CCL plate through Gunsan plate factory. Moreover, we are facing numerous customers in global market with the help of seven overseas production and sales station.



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SeAH Steel America

As a major pioneer of SeAH Group in North American & Latin American markets, SeAH Steel America, Inc.provides pipes to major industries.

Founded in 1978 in Los Angeles, USA, SeAH Steel America, Inc. provides pipes to major industries such as petro-chemical, energy, construction and agriculture as a major pioneer in North American and Latin American markets.
SeAH is doing its utmost to provide perfect services to various customers in the global market.


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SeAH Steel USA

Second to Domestic Manufacturing, SeAH Steel USA provides quality and reliability with long experience in the market concepts to provide our customers with flexibility and production capacity.

We deliver high-quality products in the shortest time based on our one-stop system encompassing the entire process from steelmaking, to forging, heat treatment, and processing. Eliminating the need for shipping to other facilities to perform certain processes, SeAH decreases product wait time and provides our customers with technical advantages. With a total of 170 acres at our Houston location, we provide the storage capacity to support extensive drilling programs requiring 24/7 service.